About The Scandi Way

Scandi Standard – what sort of name is that?

We are often asked why our company is called Scandi Standard. For us it really is quite straightforward: Scandi stands for Scandinavia, the region we originally come from, and Standard for the high standard we seek and maintain with regards to animal welfare and food safety.

The combination of our Scandinavian origins and high operational standards helps us strive every day towards our mission statement: “Better Chicken for a Better Life”.

So what happens when we introduce new siblings that aren’t from Scandinavia into the Scandi Standard family? Well, even that is quite simple. For instance, take Manor Farm in the Republic of Ireland which joined the Group in 2017. Since their first day together, our great staff from Scandi Standard and Manor Farm were able to join forces and learn from each other, embracing our values of Openness, Challenge and Sense of Urgency.

Having worked in a region that keeps antibiotic use to a minimum, our Scandinavian team was able to help their new Irish colleagues deal with the antibiotic challenges they faced in their country. Our Irish co-workers have also provided us in Scandinavia with many innovative ideas, including inspired product development and shelf space concepts.

These are great examples of the Scandi Way – the innovative way we work every day to become better and make a difference, promoting better health and well-being for people, the planet and of course, chickens.