About The Scandi Way

Better Chicken for a Better Life

Better Chicken for a Better Life is Scandis vision. Here we share our thoughts of what we mean by that.

Better Chicken – how?
We all strive for better choice of food. Food that tastes better and is provided using best practices. We want to know that what we eat has been produced ethically and responsibly. We demand a level of transparency in our food production that reveals high quality levels, sustainable production practices and values we would be happy to call our own.

We believe that through our values, vision and commitment to better food production, Scandi can produce Better Chicken.

Better Life – how?
We all strive for a better life for ourselves, our loved ones and our community. We want to take conscious, meaningful steps towards achieving a better way to live and work every day. We can do this by taking part in making smart life choices – choices that are healthy for us and better for our planet, because adopting a sustainable lifestyle is essential for today and tomorrow.

We believe Scandi can help people achieve a Better Life for themselves, their families and the planet.

Better Chicken for a Better Life