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Scandi Standard supports chicken farmers in Haiti

Scandi Standards mission is to become better and make a difference, promoting health and well-being for the people, chickens and the planet. In line with that 20 Scandi Standard colleagues went on a volunteer trip to Haiti to help build strong, sustainable livelihoods and communities. The initiative was taken by Scandi Standard, to try to make a difference and share best practise, with help of the Irish organisation Haven.

Haiti imports between 30 and 40 million eggs a month*. Owning a chicken farm opens life-changing opportunities for its people in meeting extremely high market demand. Considering this, Scandi Standard partnered up with Haven, to run chicken farming project which supports local people in Haiti to set up and run their own chicken farms.

Leif Bergvall Hansen, CEO, Scandi Standard
– Scandi Standards mission is to become better and make a difference, promoting health and well-being for the people, the chickens and the planet. This is one of many initiatives where we want to live up to that and it goes in line with our new vision “Better Chicken for a Better Life”. We want to share our knowledge of efficient chicken production and livestock farming and contribute by helping the local population out of poverty through self-sufficiency, says Leif Bergvall Hansen, CEO, Scandi Standard.

The Scandi Way

Building chicken coops together
Based in the Cavaillon Valley the project works with local farmers, who each receive training in rearing chickens at the farm. After the training each farmer receives a chicken coop, which this time was built together with Scandi Standards 20 volunteers. The farmers also get 120 chickens and enough chicken feed to last for six weeks, enabling them to get their farms off the ground. After six weeks they were able to buy feed for their earned money.

Haiti Project Haiti Project

Each farmer takes out a very small loan from the organisation Haven, to support their farm development. Paying this back from the profits they quickly make in small, manageable instalments. Meanwhile, the interest on their loans is used to support more farmers in the area to join the programme, generating a strong chicken farming industry in the area.

– This project aims to promote positive change by supporting people to grow their incomes and scale their businesses over time. The most rewarding thing is to know that we have started a process that will have to be continued for several years, to create self-sufficiency, says Justin Carton, Project Director and one of the Scandi Standard volunteers this year.

Haiti Project

Also, see video HERE.

About Haven:
Haven is an Irish non-governmental organisation, strongly committed to empowering Haitians to build strong and sustainable livelihoods. Read more here: www.havenpartnership.com

* https://www.havenpartnership.com/blog/portfolio/chicken-farming/