Healthy products - Healthy people

Our raw products are healthy by nature. Regardless of whether you choose our conventional, organic, ecological or processed chicken, we always have your health in focus.

When we make processed or pre-seasoned products, we always strive, for example to use as little salt as possible and avoid unnecessary additives such as e-numbers. The goal is to have a label on our products that is as clean as possible. We do it The Scandi Way!

Offering healthy, safe and climate-smart products is always in focus. The goal is to have the best chicken on the market and give you the best choice on your plate. We want to inspire you to choose chicken - a good, healthy choice, ideal for today’s consumers - with attractive products and new and healthy recipes on our companies’ websites.

White meat makes it easier to live healthily. The nutritional value of chicken meat provides high-value protein, good fats and mutiple vitamins and minerals, all of which are important for several of the body’s functions.