Salmonella – rare in Northern Europe

The bacteria are generally transmitted through food and water, but can also be transmitted from person to person and between animals. There is very little salmonella in food and domestic animals in Northern Europe. Our chicken must be completely free from salmonella.

Most people who become sick from salmonella are infected while travelling abroad. The number of cases has gradually declined in recent years, which may be due to the fact that there is now less salmonella in poultry and eggs in many European countries.

Scandi Standard has a continuous registration program for salmonella in chicken flocks delivered to slaughterhouses to ensure that all flocks are tested to be free from salmonella before slaughter.

Food safety requirement demand that salmonella does not exist in slaughtered chicken flocks or in products for sale for human consumption. We follow this up by taking salmonella sampling from different types of chicken products, specially minced meat.