Responsible supplier relations

Scandi Standard’s operations are highly dependent on good and effective supplier partnerships. As well as chicken, we buy other ingredients, equipment and services from a high number of suppliers.

Purchases are coordinated at a Group level for categories related to production, which includes ingredients and transport. Scandi Standard strives for mutual, responsible relationships, and sets requirements for the environment, ethics, human rights and social responsibility, that equate to the Group’s own Code of Conduct.

New Supplier Code of Conduct
In 2018 a new and updated Code of Conduct was adopted and communicated to the suppliers, along with a self-assessment evaluation for the requirements that have been set. In combination with a screening tool for risks that are specific to countries and categories, these answers form the basis for an updated risk assessment and additional supplier follow-up where necessary.

Initially we are focusing on chickens and four other priority purchasing categories: Transport services, technical equipment, packaging materials, and spices and other ingredients. Of 101 active suppliers within these four categories, 62 percent had signed our Supplier Code of Conduct in the beginning of 2019.

HERE you can read our Supplier Code of Conduct.